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11th Sep 2013

My first Video TIP: SEDUCING the camera

    I wanted to show how I SEDUCE the camera! In this session, I am trying to seduce the camera with my eyes by looking through the camera, by...

04th Feb 2013
Product of one of my shoot coaching!!!


~Hello Beautiful~ Thank you for visiting my services page  Sitting Consultations: For a sitting consultation that consist of  research , image viewing, vision board implementation, and direction input and access to...

02nd Jan 2013

The Juju Bee CHALLENGE!!!

   OMG WE HAVE GONE OVER AND BEYOND OUR GOAL!!!!!!!! AND I AM SO THANKFUL *TEARS* Julianna Won QUEEN!!!!! She is so excited about going to “big Kid” school next...

10th May 2012
Tanieka I-1026

Children/Motivational PROGRAMS now available!!!!!

  Workshop March 30th in Memphis TN!! Click the” E “to get more information! \     Tanieka Carter ENTERPRISES Motivational Overhaul is a program that helps build self esteem...

13th Jan 2016

Dance & Pose…

“Posing is like Dancing. You have to get in tuned with the rhythm of your own body in order to understand how to portray the right vision to others. There...

03rd Jan 2016

The Role Model Coach APPAREL

YES That’s right!! You now have the chance to wear some of TaniekaC’s best work!!! Click the link below to view the different styles we offer and be sure to...

17th Dec 2015

Giving up….

“From this day forward I am going to be exactly who I am. I don’t need to change the way that I live just to get a man. Even had...

11th Nov 2015


“When you open your heart and let the words fall out sometimes they fall to the ground. Sometimes no one hears the pouring of expression that falls from your lips....

15th Oct 2015

3 & 6 Month consultations are ENDING!!!!!

YES you have heard right after 5 years TaniekaC is about to change for the better!!!! In order for The Role Model Coach and team to get ready for the...

11th Aug 2015

Hey did you know!!!!!

Did you know that what others say about you does not have to be true?? Did you know that the main people who hurt you are the ones closest to...

10th Jun 2015

Bad Habits can DIE…

Before you go any further know that there is nudity in this post! if you are not 18+ I suggest you don’t get caught!! ! ! ! ! 18+ beyond...

06th Mar 2015

Pieces of me

Lately I have been challenged in places I never thought I would be. I have been Challenged to Take more risks! To stand up for myself!!To make great things come to Flourish!...

09th Feb 2015

20 to LIFE

LIFE Life gets hard & you get harder. Life goes on and your riding along, but when Life shakes you up and places you in a position that you never...

10th Nov 2014

New Tip of the Week: How do you get PAID!!!!!!

I’ve had many models and hopefuls ask me how to know when it is time to start requesting payment for your craft. As well as how to find gigs that...

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