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My name is Tanieka Carter. I grew up knowing that one day I wanted to express myself through all types of art. I went to college and studied extensive theater and dance. I danced my emotions into people’s lives and made them accept me. I was also able to act and use those skills to help me understand that there are different depths to entertainment and expression of art. Soon after, I fell in love with modeling. It was a mixture of everything I had learned and always wanted to do. I have been modeling/acting/dancing for 9 years now,  I’ve met wonderful people, a loving mentor along with tons of knowledge of myself and what path I want to take…

I am an expressionist. I do what I feel is right and I try not to regret anything in my life. I am not perfect by no means, but I believe that those imperfections are what make us stand out in a crowd. I have found myself EUREKA! And I love me and all the components that helped me get to this point….

Now it’s my turn to give it right back. I want to help anyone, who is willing to put in the work, find their niche in this world. I will try to guide you to your destination by giving you pointers, leads, critiques, going on shoots with you, giving you assignments/ nutrition plans, and helping you find your brand in this industry.



The Life of: Tanieka Carter - Episode 1 from Contempo Studios on Vimeo.

Are you looking for help in your poses, Runway walk, Career Direction? Tanieka Carter Enterprises offers Coaching services, Consultation services, as well as Personal Services upon request. Take a look around and gather up all the positive energy, BOOK me and get #COACHED. There are Great Tips on my Site via Modeling, Entertainment, General purposes, Everyday life , as well as for Single Moms!!! Be sure to check out all my posts below!!  If you would like to work with Tanieka OR need a Team to help with your photos-hoot, event implementation, or road map then you are in the right place!!!

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